If you book The Hipcats you will get some of the UK's best music and musicians but not the most expensive - some bands charge over 2000 but we avoid this if you go straight through us rather than an agent and we do not charge VAT.

Our prices are based on a number of factors.  Please email us if you would like any details or discuss anything as we like to think we are very helpful and won't get offended if you decide not to book us.  We appreciate that you want to get exactly what you are looking for. 

We like to help - we have also had clients use our PA for speeches, to play background music during the breaks or even to use instead of a disco (in smaller venues - for bigger events we would recommend a separate disco if required).  We are happy to discuss these options - other things we can arrange include extra lighting or a full disco - just ask!

Pricing is based on:  

  • the number of musicians;

  • the time of year;

  • day of the week;

  • the distance we need to travel;

  • how long you would like us to play and how long you would like us to be at your event;

  • the equipment we need to bring.

Consequently it could be 300 to 1800 depending on all these factors.  We have played at events from small garden parties to large functions in Central London so we are happy to give you an idea of cost or some options.  Also have a look at our special offers at the bottom of the page.

Prices include:  travel, all band equipment, administration costs and all other extras, except that we do ask for a couple of drinks for each of the band and a few nibbles to keep us going.

Example Line-Ups

Typically we would perform two sets of up to one hour each with a 20 to 50 minute break, set-up 45 minutes before starting and pack up 30 minutes after the finish (before 11.30pm) but we can be very flexible with these timings and other arrangements - just ask.   

We would be very happy to provide you with a precise quotation.  All of the below are line-ups that we are very happy with.  The most popular ones tend to be lounge style, classic trio and classic five piece but we do many events with all of these line-ups.  Chat to us about whether you want background, foot-tapping or full-on grooviness!

Often used for background style and great atmosphere

Lounge-style - vocals and piano

Instrumental duo - chat to us about a range of options

Mellow trio - vocals, piano, saxophone or trumpet

Often used for head-nodding approval or foot-tapping fun

Classic trio - vocals, piano, and double-bass

Instrumental trio - pick three from:  guitar, piano. double bass, saxophone or trumpet

Mellow quartet - vocals, piano, double bass, saxophone or trumpet

Instrumental quartet - guitar, piano. double bass, saxophone or trumpet

Various degrees of hipcat style and dancefloor grooviness

Rhythm quartet - vocals, piano, double bass and drums

5-piece but 4-Hipcats - vocals/guitar, piano, double bass and drums

Classic five-piece - vocals, piano, double bass, drums, saxophone or trumpet

6-piece but 5-Hipcats - the above but with vocals/guitar

Big six-piece - full line-up with two horns from saxophone, trumpet or trombone

The magnificent 7 - vocals/guitar, piano, double bass, drums, saxophone, trumpet


Contact us for a precise quotation or to discuss your requirements or budget.


Special offers


We usually quote for our 'A-team' of the very best.  We have also got a few deputies we occasionally use if someone is unavailable who are semi-professional but still good players - if you would like to save up to 20% on the price then we can call on these guys and pass on the saving to you.  Get in touch to discuss it.


Up to 10% off any quoted price for events in January, February, March & November or anything booked more than six months in advance.


Please contact us to discuss your event and we will be happy to deal with any questions or queries.







Prices include:



Helpful advice

Friendly musicians

Talent & experience

Organisation & punctuality

Great jazz & swing music

Excellent sound

No hassle



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